Dean “no personal space” Winchester

When he’s w/ Cas


do u ever ship something so hard

that you literally cant imagine either of them w someone else

like its not that you dont want to imagine them with someone else 

its that you cant

U mean Dean and Cas

I found this epic piece of warning in Scotland

I found this epic piece of warning in Scotland


Vancon 2014, last question of the convention, to Misha Collins…
If you were given a script in which Dean and Cas were canon, how would you react?
Misha’s response? 
If Dean and Cas were cannons? Like in the Civil War? I’d try make myself as aerodynamic as possible, and deal with it!

Yup, it’s a t-shirt now….

Or it will be, if you are interested.

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Stop for just a second. Imagine how it would be if Jensen and Misha were openly together. They would randomly crash panels where the other one is. They would make each other laugh a lot. They would hug and kiss and dance together on stage. They would blatantly flirt with each other. They would…


x  Misha sits on Richard at Vancon


x  Misha sits on Richard at Vancon

I loved him. Love of my life, actually.


You’re in love with him and he’s in love with you, and it’s like a goddamn tragedy because you look at him and see the stars, and he looks at you and sees the sun, and you both think the other is just looking at the ground. {quote - insp. x}